I started Neuroscientifcally Challenged in 2008 on the Blogger platform as a means of exploring my growing interest in neuroscience. From 2009-2013, I took a break from the blog while I completed a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. After finishing my Ph.D., I began teaching in the biological sciences at the university level but found that I missed writing about neuroscience. So, I started neuroscientificallychallenged.com (no longer on Blogger) in 2014.

The website now is an outlet for me to do some of my favorite things: learn, teach, draw, and talk about neuroscience. Almost all of the images on the site are hand-drawn, and all the articles, videos, etc. are created solely by me. The subjects I choose to focus on are mostly selected based on whatever sparks my interest at the time (and sometimes by suggestions from readers or viewers), so the articles and videos may not appear in a logical order. Still, I hope you find the material I post on this site interesting and informative. 

The information on this site is supported by valid academic sources, which mainly consist of peer-reviewed journal articles and reputable neuroscience textbooks. Most posts will include a general reference as well as numerous instances of linked text, which link out to source material (this material may sometimes be blocked by a paywall).


You are welcome to reuse images and videos from this site for educational purposes. If you are wondering how to cite information from this site, below is a format you could follow. (It's AMA format, so you should adjust according to your requirements and follow the citation rules for a website with no author.) This is how you could, for example, cite the article Know Your Brain: Telencephalon:

Neuroscientifically Challenged. Know Your Brain: Telencephalon. http://www.neuroscientificallychallenged.com/blog/know-your-brain-telencephalon. Published July 7, 2017. Accessed July 27, 2017.


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